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   Mr.Gulab Nebhani (Director, Planet.e, Head Faculty for Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning), is a dynamic personality to whom calculations, equations and formulae come as easy as a hot knife through butter. His students will always remember him as a person who has made math a walk in the park for them with easy to remember methods, lucid explanations and tricks which seem like sleight of hand. His introduction goes way beyond words. For example, he has conquered B.E. with honours, P.G.D.M. from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, voted Best Faculty at IMS, adept and proficient in the ancient art of Vedic Math, an avid Quant lover - and a consistent 99+ percentiler in Quant in CAT & XAT. u. The adage 'Smile while you're winning' applies to his students and then some.

   Dr. Anuradha Ahuja (Assosciate Director, Planet.e), is another interesting personality whose love of math goes beyond just numbers and equations. She believes that quant is a part of our daily lives and can crack even the hardest nut when it comes to comprehending math. As if her present proficiency in dizzying math is not enough, she will be most likely found researching further calculations, challenging paradigms and exploring new horizons in her field. Her laurels include an impressive Ph.D in Mathematics (IIT Bombay), Double Gold Medalist in Mathematics (Bachelors and Masters) from Pune University, voted Best Faculty for Mathematics by B.Tech students, IIT Bombay.

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